2017 Chess Competition

Our annual chess competition has began with much enthusiasm.

The competition runs from Week 7 through to the end of Week 9 during Secondary Lunch and Primary Recess times.

The categories are-



Secondary School

A trophy will be awarded to the winners in Week 10.

Please encourage your child to take part in this classic game of strategy.


The players with the most points at the end of Wk 9 are the winners!

  • Playing=1pt
  • Playing and coming to a tie = 2 pts
  • Playing and winning = 3pts

Emphasis is placed on good sportsmanship, taking part, giving things a go and learning to win and lose gracefully. 

BookFest 2017



The Premier Reding Challenge has been running for 15 years and as part of this celebration, KAS will be taking part in BookFest.

BookFest is a gathering of Australia’s top Children Authors together to speak to students all over NSW about the books they have written and the skills involved.

KAS Primary students will connect with authors via a live broadcast over three days.

Students will have the opportunity to learn from famous authors such as

Jeff Kinney, Jacqueline Harvey, Aaron Blabey, Mem Fox and Jackie French.

You may recognize some of the titles written by these authors below.

What an amazing experience for students and teachers alike thanks to the wonderful technology we enjoy these days!











Encourage Your Child to Read

Students need your help to remember their library and your encouragement to borrow a book each week from our beautiful library.

Primary students in YR 2,3, 5 and 6 borrow books on Tuesday, Kindergarten on Wednesday and Yr 1 and 4 on Thursday.

If your child has lost their library bag an old pillow case will suffice.


In late 2015, Scholastic, in conjunction with YouGov, conducted a survey to explore family attitudes and behaviors in Australia around reading books for fun. Some of the key findings of this research have just been released.

They found that most children aged between 6-17 believed that reading for fun was very important but only one third were frequent readers with kids between the ages of 6-8 being the most frequent readers. As children grow older, reading competes with screen related activities.

We need to continually encourage our kids to borrow, read and enjoy the world of books.

rachel reading electric fish to nick - _MG_5367.embed                                                            sean dreilinger via Compfight


Amy Joyce writer and editor from “On Parenting”-Washington Post writes that

“One of the most important things parents can do, beyond keeping kids healthy and safe, is to read with them. That means starting when they are newborn and not even able to talk, and continuing well beyond the years that they can read by themselves. Study after study shows that early reading with children helps them learn to speak, interact, bond with parents and read early themselves, and reading with kids who already know how to read helps them feel close to caretakers, understand the world around them and be empathetic citizens of the world.”


New picture Books

Hands off My Honey By Jane Chapman

Pre K- Yr 2

When a big, scary bear announces that he has an enormous jar of honey and he’s not going to share it with anyone else, who on earth would be bold – or daft – enough to plan a raid on the terrifying animal’s precious stash of liquid gold?

There is a brilliantly clever ending, however, where it’s revealed that the whole situation has been a game all along!


Lucinda Belinda By Michelle Robinson                                

Yrs 4-6 themes

The most beautiful girl in the whole of the school is Lucinda Belinda Melinda McCool—but Lucinda Belinda feels it is her duty to guide all her friends in the subject of beauty. Lucinda becomes the scourge of family and friends, criticizing big bottoms and moustaches (especially her grandma’s) until everyone avoids her. So when Lucinda meets a monster in the forest, she makes it her mission to make over this scary creature. Unfortunately changing its outside does not change what’s inside—as Lucinda Belinda discovers!

Note the monster that she tries to make beautiful – eats Lucinda in the end

Odd Socks by Rebecca Ashdown

Yrs K-4

A beautiful story about aging /changing/ new directions and the power of love.

Suki and Sosh love their life. Each day they go to work together on their pair of feet, and each night they snuggle together in their sock drawer. But then disaster strikes: Sosh spots that Suki has a hole. Darn it! Sure enough, his warm, woolly wife starts to unravel, until one day Suki is nowhere to be found. The rest of the underwear warn him not to go it alone – no one likes an odd sock. But Sosh swears to find her…. They end up as sock puppets and start their life again


The Biggest Baddest Wolf

Harum Scarum is the biggest, baddest, hairiest, scariest wolf in the city, and he loves to frighten people! But after a really good day of frightening little children, old people, and even a builder, Harum Scarum gets back home and finds he’s lost his teddy. Oh no! He has to get him back!

When he finds a child with his Teddy and pleads for him to return it to him – he does so on the condition that Harum Scarum makes a promise – that he doesn’t keep.




Library Trophies and Awards

KY – Best Borrowers

4Y – Best behaviour in the Library 

At the end of each 5 week period the class in K-2 and 3-6 who borrows the most books (With a library bag) will be given the 2017 borrowers trophy to keep in their class.

At the end of the year the all the students who are in a winning class  have their name in a draw to take home the trophy to keep!

Congratulations to KB (pictured above)and Yr 5  won the trophy last week.

The K-2 and 3-6 class who demonstrate the best behaviour during Library Time are rewarded with a “Star Certificate” at the end of each five-week period.

Congratulations to 4Y (pictured above) and 1B who were last weeks winners.

The class with the most star certificates at the end of the year will be invited to a pizza making day at the end of the year!